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Players at Ambush will receive:

  • The very latest, well-maintained equipment which includes full camouflage coveralls.
  • A Full Safety Briefing at the start of your day to make you feel at ease.
  • Professional Marshalls who will seamlessly guide you through your experience with us
  • Our reception/base camp staff are also on hand all day to assist you whenever needed

Lunch is not included but freshly prepared lunches can be ordered.

Ready to book your day at Ambush? You can book your game online today.


  • Extra BB’s: From £5.00 per bottle.
  • Smoke grenades & thunderflashes: From £4 each
  • Hire kit includes airsoft gun, magazine, 1250 bb’s and full face protection.
  • Hire kit must be booked and paid for in advance to secure the use of the kit.


  • All packages include full rental equipment: Gun, coveralls, head & face protection, battle pack
  • Paintballs: £9/100, £40/500, £75/1,000, £140/2,000
  • Please don’t buy more paintballs than you will realistically need (especially towards the end of the session) as we are unable to refund on unused paintballs
  • Smoke grenades & Thunderflashes: From £4 each
  • You arrive on site for 09:00 (13:00 for afternoon events), where you’ll receive your equipment and listen to the morning safety briefing. Throughout the half day session, you’ll play 4 games – 8 games on a full day.


  • Paint Grenades & smokes: From £3.50 each  – can be purchased by adults for marshals to use under orders from junior players!
  • All players will need to arrive promptly. Late arrival may mean missing the whole event. live chat widget: