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Game Arenas

All players at Ambush can make use of any of the bold, exciting maps on offer in our 100+ acre mixed woodland – you’re unlikely to play them all on any one day.

Unlike many venues, our ‘maps’ are not exclusive to any one game or style – a variety of games can be played on any of our maps (though we do have our favourites!) and we often extend games and objectives to cover more than one map zone.

Capture The Flag

Can be played on a variety of maps, depending on the group size, and is a great introduction to your session.

Not too complicated, with plenty of respawn time, it gives you a chance to get used to your kit.

Fun with Flags

Possibly our most colourful map – most games only involve one or two flags – not this one.

Which team can have the most flags hoisted at the end of the game?

You think you’ve just done it, turned them all blue, when you realise the opposition have been turning them back to red faster than you thought possible.

How much of the game is left for you to turn them back again?

The Boat

We believe this metal structure, complete with raised bridge area, may have been dropped by aliens – how else did it get into our woodland?

Again a variety of games are played here:

Can your superior retake the boat, captured by pirates?

Or use the limpet mines provided to blow her out of the water?

The Stockade

Used in a variety of games for Airsoft, Paintball & Low Impact Paintball

This field was one of the first here at Ambush but has been upgraded on a regular basis.

Smoke & grenades are always useful on this one.

The Fort

A massive wooden palisaded structure with only one way in!

You might need to deploy smoke grenades to take this one.

Get inside, locate the switch box and detonate the explosion – that’s all you have to do to win!

The Bunny Field

Not really a field but a brilliant game for setting the stag, hen, birthday boy/girl up

Fancy dress will do it every time!

Bunnies in protective hutches, protected by the opposite team – interesting!?

The Castles

Two massive wooden structures buried deep in otherwise untouched woodland.

We sometimes just use one in a game but you could be asked to defend one AND capture the other.

Teamwork and communication are essential.

The Bridge

Rebuilt completely in 2016, this map features a 40+ foot long bridge on which we play a variety of games including:

Capture the laser designator, light up the appropriate target and BOOM!

You’ve won the game.

The Bale Strip

Called that because it used to be made up of hay bales – and we can’t think of a new name!

An open field with minimal cover and one main objective.

Do you have what it takes to make it to the centre?

The Chapel

Will your intrepid team find the Cross and dispel the evil spirits haunting the Chapel so that you can get in to ring the bell?

Could this become a costume drama? live chat widget: