Paintball Hampshire

paintball player in long grass

Paintball is an exciting, adrenaline filled activity that requires team work, tactics and enthusiasm to eliminate the opposing team and achieve your objectives. Due to the versatility of the sport, it can be played by people of all shapes and fitness levels. Our minimum age requirement is 11 and anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the electronic waiver. When you arrive on site (09:00 for morning or full day players,13:00 for afternoon players) you'll sign in before picking up most of your equipment and listening to the safety briefing. Throughout a full day, you'll play 8 games, (4 when on the half day package) stopping midway for a lunch break. Then at around 16:00 you'll leave the site, exhausted!

Too young to play paintball? Want to bring your school along or have a less painful corporate event? Why not try Low Impact Paintball?

Or you could give Airsoft a go.


Alongside our usual games, we host different paintball events. Every third sunday of the month we run a Walk On event, where players can bring their own equipment and paintball marker.

Maps & Games

Our vast range of maps, each with different objectives, last for around 20 minutes. Our games include capture the flag games, attack and defend, and the more complex games such as the Fort, which requires good communication, team-work and bravery! Check out the Arenas section for more details.